Buy FIBC Bags Online from Jumbobagshop

Buy FIBC Bags Online from Jumbobagshop

Jumbobagshop is renowned for being a packaging partner to its clients. Here you can buy the most trusted FIBC Bags. The chief types of these bags are listed down below: –

1. FIBC Tubular Bags/ Circular Bags:

We sell tubular bags that are created from circular fabric on a circular loom. These FIBC bags do not have any vertical seams on the sides while they come in a number of options to choose from.

2. U-Panel FIBC Bulk Bags:

Our customers buy U-panel bags for carrying construction materials, grain, cement, etc as per their necessities. These FIBC Bags are made on a circular loom as well and easily hold 500kg to 2000kg of weight.

3. 4 Panel FIBC Bulk Bag:

We deliver 4 panel bags that have four main side panels sewn on its flat base fabric. As these bulk bags retain their shape, they can be easily carried from one place to another.

4. FIBC Baffle Bags:

We provide baffle bags that are commonly known as formstable bags. These bags offer extra space so that all kinds of seeds, resin, etc can be efficiently carried in them. The construction of fabric panels across the corners extends its capacity to easily hold weight from 500kg to 2000kg.

5. 1 & 2 Loops FIBC Bags:

Our customers buy 1 & 2 Loops FIBC Bags all the time as they are crafted from a single tubular fabric and act as a budget friendly solution. The fabric body is extended to create a lifting loop in order to carry, agriculture, fertilizer, seed, etc products. They have added perks in terms of higher breaking strength as well as keep the contents inside the bag clean and dry at all times. We ensure to home deliver these bags which have a higher breaking strength with a capacity of 500 kg to 1500 kg.

6. Conductive FIBC Bags/ Type C FIBC Bags:

Conductive bags are designed from conductive fabrics with an interwoven conductive yarn. These Type C bags come along with grounding tabs which are earthed so that all the static charge during the filling and discharge duration can be dissipated. The biggest advantage of these bags is that they are made to carry conductive materials like inflammable powders.

At Jumbobagshop, we have over three decades of experience in providing an apt packaging solution. All kinds of packaging requirements are only a click away for our customers. We strive to provide rich experience to our clients thereby unlocking loyalty of our customers. For a holistic shopping experience, check out