Buying Conductive Type C FIBC Bags Online

Buying Conductive Type C FIBC Bags Online


If you own a business that deals in storage and transporting combustible products, you will make a smart move to buy FIBC conductive bags. Alternatively called type C conductive bags, they are required to pass rigorous screening tests to qualify them befitting for the critical nature of their job.

This blog will briefly describe Type C FIBC bags and why you must consider as your go-to destination to buy conductive bags online.

What Are Type C FIBC Bags?

Type C FIBC bags are made from conductive materials to prevent accidents from electrostatic charges of inflammable products when they are filled or emptied in bulk at a warehouse. These conductive jumbo bags are multi-layered with conducting yarns that guarantee the complete safety of the transporter and the hazardous contents. Also called anti-static bags have a ready market in chemicals, construction, food and beverages, and agricultural industries. The bag manufacturers keep grounding in mind to ensure safe transportation of potentially harmful industrial products that can cause explosions in transit or ambient temperatures.

Why Buy Conductive Bags From Online?

It gets easier to buy conductive bags online with If you are still curious to learn why to take a look at the following to help you make an informed decision:

  • Our Type C bags are made from superior-grade materials.
  • You’ll find FIBC bags in exclusive sizes, colours, and dimensions.
  • These bags have a safe working load ranging between 500-2000 kg.
  • They are UN-coded and certified for heavy-duty use.
  • The conductive bags are provided with grounding tabs with safety factors of 5:1, and 6:1
  • Type C bag prices are modestly-rated here.

We specialize in providing excellent-quality FIBC conductive containers online at for your industry needs. We ensure the perfect configuration of bags with suitable grounding to minimize discharges and for safe material disposal even in an environment with combustible ducts.

If you are in the process of deciding where to buy Type C bags online, look no further. Explore a wide range of FIBC conductive bags at our online store today!