Five Reasons to Invest in Jumbo Bags for Your Packaging NeedsFive Reasons to Invest in Jumbo Bags for Your Packaging Needs - Jumbobagshop

Why Invest in Jumbo Bags for Your Packaging Needs?

If you are using boxes or other inflexible containers for storing and transportation of goods, as a part of your packaging solutions, your business is missing out on the various advantages that FIBC Bags (also known as Jumbo Bags & Bulk Bags) bring to the table.

Let us discuss some of the reasons why you should invest in Jumbo Bags for your packaging needs. Depending upon the nature of your business and products, switching over to FIBC Bags can provide adequate opportunity for you to save money and space.

Suitable for Almost Every Industry

Whether your business deals with agricultural products or any other industry like mining, Chemical, Engineering, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Fishing or Construction, these Woven Polypropylene Bags are strong and versatile for use in almost any industry.

 Can Be Customized According to your Business Needs

If you are facing problems with the limited packaging options of the rigid box containers or any other traditional packaging solutions, then the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Bags should be your automatic choice. Coming in various options in size & capacity, the number of loops, filling & discharging, different graded bags like A or B or food grade, these Bulk Bags can be tailor-made according to your packaging requirements.

Cost Effective and Space Saving

These Jumbo Bags can take the shape of the products that you fill them with. This allows for much space saving, especially when you are only filling such bags half-full. These bags are thin, having a normal diameter of 45-48 inches, and height of 39-79 inches. Also, their flexible nature allows them to occupy less space when you store them as compared to the solid box containers. FIBC Bags have competitive advantages over traditional packaging solutions is terms of saving space and money. Using less man-power, these bags are the most cost-effective packaging solutions in the market today.

More Storing Capacity with Enhanced Safety

On an average, these Jumbo Bags can hold up to 6000 pounds or 2500 kgs. These strong bags can be customized with secure liners that keep your material safe and ensure the safe transportation of your products.

As one of the safest packaging solutions, FIBC Bags use less man power and machines in the transportation process of these bags. At jumbobagshop, we value the safety of our business partners and their products and ensure that we manufacture only high-quality FIBC Bags.

Printed in four different colours, these Bulk Bags can be recycled for reuse, causing less harm to the environment. With the changing trends in packaging solutions across industries, it is a wise decision to move over to FIBC Jumbo bags today.