How do construction materials remain safe in U Panel Bags?

How do construction materials remain safe in U Panel Bags
There are different types of Jumbo Bags in the market, from tubular to baffle to conductive. Out of all the bags, U-Panel Bags has made its stand-out impression in the market from the rest when it comes to storing & transporting construction materials.

What are U-Panel Bags?

U-Panel Bags are made using a flat fabric produced on a circular loom. It consists of two-sided panels that are attached to a U-Shaped single piece of fabric.

U-Panel Bag is the first FIBC Bag design from which other bags have been developed over time. It is available with different Top & Bottom Attachment options.

Why are U-Panel bags the best choice for construction materials?

U-Panel Bags have numerous benefits that make them star performers in the market. Let us walk you through the benefits of U-Panel, making it the most efficient & safest option in the market for construction materials.

Elasticity & Capacity

U-Panel bags offer stunning elasticity with complete peace of mind of the bag not getting torn or damaged.

At Jumbobagshop, our U-Panel Bags are elastic and flexible in nature. They can easily carry weight from 500 Kg to 2,000 Kg with the safety factor of 5:1 and 6:1, making U-Panel bags the top choice in the market for storing & transporting construction materials with ease and ease in the most economical & efficient manner.

You can fill the construction materials up to 2,000 kg. The best part is that it consumes less storage space and doesn’t lose its original form even after being filled to its full capacity, allowing you to store & transport construction materials with ease.


U-Panel Bags have stored a perception in customers’ minds that they are not safe. In reality, U-Panel Bags are the safest when it comes to storing & transporting construction materials, fertilizers, chemicals, sand, cement, and agricultural produce.

At Jumbobagshop, we sell the safest U-Panel Bags in the Indian Market. Our bags are made of 100% virgin polypropylene material and no harmful chemicals that can alter construction materials’ condition by coming in contact physically or chemically.

Our U-Panel bags don’t lead to damage to the product inside the bag. They don’t alter their original condition, making them the safest, non-toxic, durable, and 100% recyclable in the market. Our U-Panel bags have no harmful effects on the environment and you can easily reuse and recycle them.


At Jumbobagshop, we sell one of the safest & best quality U-Panel Bags in India. We are one of the top U-Panel Bags manufacturers in India.

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Note: Our U-Panel bags are standard in design and can’t be customized as per your requirement.

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