The Jumbo Benefits of Jumbo Bags


The world economy is run on its countless transactions of goods across markets. Getting these goods to go around the world without damage is a challenge. Know the Benefits of Jumbo Bags as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as Jumbo Bags or FIBC bags are one of the most popular packaging solutions that help goods – especially flowable materials – travel great distances and stay intact under great duress of transportation.

Here are some of the biggest Benefits of Jumbo Bags.

Lightweight and cost-effective packaging

Jumbo bags do not add to the weight of the goods. They are a safe and convenient way to store materials while reducing the cost for the producer.

Extensive storage capacity

A single jumbo bag can carry up to 2500 kg. The heavy-duty build and durability of the bags allow them to be reused.

Applicable in a wide range of industries

FIBC jumbo bags can safely pack products ranging from industrial to food products. They are constructed from a tightly woven mesh of high-grade polypropylene which ensures the safety of the goods transported. They do not leak out or let anything in, making the goods stay in their best possible form.

Easy to store and saves space

Jumbo bags optimize storage space as they are designed in a way that allows you to stack them up. This saves precious floor space in warehouses and also creates ease of transport.

They come in a variety of shapes and types

Jumbo bags can come in a tubular shape, with or without baffles, and a variety of loops and panels meet the unique packaging requirements of every business. They can also be printed in four different colors for easy classification.

They are convenient to use

FIBC bag designs enable quick filling & discharge of the product. They can be designed with an open-top or spout bottom which makes it easier to fill and empty the bags as necessary.

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