What is the Difference Between PP Woven and Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags?

What is the Difference Between PP Woven and Non-Woven PP Shopping BagsCountless shopping bags are available in the market, which often leads to confusion regarding which to pick. Amidst this long list, woven and non-woven polypropylene (PP) shopping bags have made their benchmark in the market.

With the focus shifting towards sustainability, customers are demanding recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags that provide excellent durability and strength. In this blog, we will walk you through the difference between woven and non-woven polypropylene (PP) shopping bags to help you make an informed purchasing decision for your shopping bags.

What are PP Woven Shopping Bags?

Polypropylene(PP) Woven Shopping Bags are made from recycled plastic. To manufacture PP Woven Shopping Bags, circular woven PP plastic threads are woven together in two directions. One side is sewn as the bottom, and another is left open to keep the products.

PP Woven Shopping Bags are robust in strength, have excellent durability, and can hold up to 50 kgs weight compared to plastic shopping bags. They are eco-friendly, foldable, reusable, and recyclable.

The Woven cloth used in the bag’s making is flexible and retains its original shape after being fully stacked. You can wash them quickly by putting them in a washing machine, and the bag won’t degrade when wet.

PP Woven Shopping Bags are tear-resistant and moisture-resistant, allowing the bag content to breathe until air-dried thoroughly.

At JumboBagShop, our PP Woven Shopping Bags are eco-friendly, foldable, reusable, and recyclable. They can hold up to 50 kg weight. They are designed and laminated in a matte finish that gives them a premium, elegant look compared to Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags that look dull and require creativity.

What is Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags?

Like PP Woven Shopping Bags, Non-Woven Shopping Bags are made from recycled plastic. Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags uses short fibers, filaments, or high-refractive index slices for forming fibers through airflow, and then it is reinforced needle punching, hot rolling, or spun lacing.

The non-Woven PP Shopping texture makes the bag fabric breathable. Unlike PP Woven Shopping Bags, they can’t be washed in a washing machine and can damage the bag.

Compared to woven cloth, the strength and durability are below average. The fibers are arranged in a particular direction, making it easier to split from the right angle.

Application usage of PP Woven Shopping Bags

You can use PP Woven Shopping for:

  • Grocery
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy products
  • Packaged food items
  • Spices
  • Packaged sugar, salt, flour, rice, and other raw cooking items
  • Grooming products

And many more daily essentials and household items

Compared to Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags, PP Woven Shopping Bags allow excellent durability, phenomenal strength, and more expansive storage space for keeping items without fear or worry of the bag getting damaged after being fully stacked.


After reading the blog, you will have clarity regarding the difference between PP Woven Shopping Bags & Non-Woven Shopping Bags. You can shop our PP Woven Shopping Bags online from our website, available at competitive pricing.

However, if you have questions regarding the difference between the two or the manufacturing of our PP Woven Shopping Bags, feel free to contact us by raising an enquiry form, and we will contact you.