Why are Jumbo Bags ideal for chemicals and fertilizers?Why are Jumbo Bags ideal for chemicals and fertilizers?

Every company involved in the chemical & fertilizer business wants to ensure that the bags they are using for storing & transporting their products are made from safe chemicals.

Any business will want to avoid going for bags that can alter the condition of their products and that is why Jumbo Bags are the best for storing & transporting chemicals & fertilizers.

At Jumbobagshop, all our jumbo bags are made from woven polypropylene fabric and free from harmful chemicals which can damage the quality of products stored inside bags by reacting with the surfaces of the bags either physically or chemically.

Advantages of Jumbo Bags

Let us walk you through different reasons why you should choose Jumbo Bags for chemicals & fertilizers.

1. Elasticity & Low Weight

Jumbo Bags give incredible elasticity as it allows you to fill the chemicals & fertilizers in the bag to the full capacity, and the bag shape won’t become loose or torn. Jumbo Bags consume less storage space even after being filled to their full capacity and preserving their original form.

Jumbo Bags are lightweight and easy to store in the warehouse, carry and load in the vehicle for transporting purposes.

2. Capacity & Durability

Jumbo Bags offers a great capacity of 500-2,000 Kgs in a single bag without getting torn even if you load it to its full capacity (2000 Kg weight product) in a single bag.

Jumbo Bags are the most durable bags in the market for storing & transporting chemicals & fertilizers as they don’t get torn easily even after being filled to their full capacity.

At Jumbobagshop, we offer a variety of Jumbo Bags – Baffle BagsTubular BagsU-Panel Bags4-Panel BagsConductive Bags, and 1 & 2 Loop Bags in 4 colour options.

3. Safety & Environment-Friendly

Jumbo Bags have a 5:1 safety factor which means that they can hold up to 5 times the amount of their rated safe working load (SWL).

At Jumbobagshop, all our Jumbo Bags have a 5:1 safety factor which allows you to load them to their full capacity without worrying about the safety of the products.

At Jumbobagshop, all our jumbo bags are UN Coded and made from environment-friendly chemicals and woven polypropylene fabric which allows you to reuse & recycle them, making it an environment-friendly option.


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