Why Use Our Garden Bags for Your Garden Makeover Projects

Why Use Our Garden Bags for Your Garden Makeover Projects


Are you wondering how to utilize garden bags other than the usual collecting of garden waste? Read along to know a few purposes that our versatile FIBC garden bags can serve.


Grow your garden

Use our garden bags as grow beds. These bags are manufactured with a UV-protective layer, making them durable even when stored outdoors. Moreover, owing to the polypropylene weave, these bags are breathable, boosting healthy plant growth. Simply layer the bottom with drainage material, add soil or compost, and let your green thumbs speak for themselves.


Composting at home

Don’t let all the garden and kitchen waste get wasted in the dump truck. Go green and reduce your carbon footprint by making organic compost. And our FIBC garden bags are the perfect container for this purpose. Place the bag in a suitable corner of your garden and layer the bottom with twigs and sticks. Add some soil or old compost, and then keep adding your biodegradable household waste from the kitchen, garden, and so on. Keep the bag covered till your homemade compost is ready to enrich your garden.


Leaf mould

Buy garden bags to collect your lawn or garden debris. No, we are not talking about collecting the waste to toss away. Instead, you can use the garden waste collected in these bags to create leaf mould, also known as mulch. A garden bag that is filled to the brim with mowed grass and leaves, and covered and left to rest for a couple of years will yield an excellent nutritional additive for your garden soil. Go ahead and give it a try and order garden bags online.


Features of our FIBC garden bags

Our garden bags are ideal for above gardening projects because of their features, which include:

Integrated vents – The inclusion of vents in our garden bags ensures there is ample air circulation inside the bags which prevents the content from becoming soggy or rotten due to moisture accumulation. The perforated design is also key to avoiding bad smelling compost.

Top open design –  Garden bags are top open & makes filling, refilling, and emptying a breeze.

Weighted base – The weighted base of these garden bags keeps them upright and in place, making your life easier while loading or unloading your garden waste.

3 Handles – These bags have three handles in total; two on the top for carrying and one on the bottom for easy emptying.


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