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During your visit to any other business place, you must have noticed that people are using FIBC Bulk Bags in almost every type of business. Have you ever thought about it’s design and from what it is made up of? Why it is preferred? Let us tell you about the incredible match between the Bulk Bags and polypropylene.

Now, what is polypropylene and why it is the most preferable material for FIBC Bulk Bags?

Polypropylene is the base polymer which is used in many flexible packaging applications. It is very flexible and lightweight with a very low level of electrical conductivity. The high durability and strength of Polypropylene helps it to impart the required mechanical properties to the FIBC Bag which is used to store and transport multiple types of Solid dry bulk products.

 What are the Benefits of Polypropylene Bags?

  • Good Resistance to Moisture and Damp Environments

Polypropylene has a water-resistant ability that keeps your products safe and dry. The products cannot be affected by damp environments and as polypropylene doesn’t absorb water, it is an added benefit of the FIBC Bulk Bags made from polypropylene. The bags from polypropylene makes an optimum solution for all types of products.

  • Bags are Customized to suit your requirement

FIBC Jumbo Bags made from Polypropylene material can be customized to suit your requirement with multiple options for Filling and Discharge. Various types of solid dry bulk materials can be stored or transported in a FIBC. Along with flexibility, the bag made up of polypropylene offers maximum durability. It deters the waste, maintains the integrity of dry products and provides maximum profit to your business.

  • It has Great Efficiency 

FIBC Bulk Bags made up of polypropylene provide great efficiency as they are designed in the best way for storing, lifting and moving. The material can be easily folded and stored when not in use, which further saves the storing space. Food packaging has also become more easy and comfortable. These bags provide the best compact solutions.

  • Polypropylene Bulk Bags are Best for Agricultural Uses

Polypropylene Bulk Bags have revolutionized the agricultural industry and also the way of storing and transporting agricultural products. Agricultural products have found an easy packaging solution to transport the product from the farm to their destinations. The shipping cost is also saved as these bags are a lighter way to transport agricultural items.

Thus, Polypropylene and FIBC Bulk Bags are a great combination. With this wonderful creation, it offers various added benefits to several types of businesses.

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