Steps to Choose the Right Type of FIBC Bag for Your Business

Steps to Choose the Right Type of FIBC Bag for Your Business

Choosing the Right Type of FIBC Bag for Your Business Requirements:

If your business involves bulk transportation of products, then you must have felt the need of using the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Bags – the customisable and convenient packaging solution for storing and transporting bulk goods. However, before moving forward with a Bulk Bag order, you have to take note of a few things. Choosing to customise the perfect type of FIBC Bags for your business requirement can be quite a daunting task. Here are few points that you can keep in mind while choosing the right type of FIBC Bag for your business.

Are You Choosing the Right Size?

The dimensions of the FIBC bags are the first point to consider while placing your order. Apart from knowing the length and breadth of the bags, you will also have to:

a)Determine product weight per cubic foot

b)Determine Pallet size for shipping and storage

Let us understand this with an example: If you have a feed product that weighs 40 pounds per cubic foot and you would like to transport or store 2000 pounds of feed in Bulk Bags, you will have to divide 2000 by 40. This will help you compute that you will need 50 cubic ft capacity Bulk Bags.

The Pallet size depends upon the transportation and storage facility available. The pallet size, bag volume enables determination of the bag height and footprint of the FIBC Bags. It is suggested to consult a reliable FIBC seller and seek his assistance in the matter.

Are you Choosing the Right FIBC Fabric Type?

As you would know by now, there are Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D categories of FIBC Bags depending upon the fabric that is used to make them.

Type A are your standard Bulk Bags and you should not use these for combustible products as they do not offer any protection against sparks from static electricity. Type B FIBC Bags have low breakdown voltage and can help prevent explosive dust-aur mixtures from igniting. Type C Bags are Conductive Bags which are electrically grounded to dissipate any electric charge generated on the bag surface. Type D FIBC Bags Dissipative Bags and are made from anti static Fabric. As compared to Type C Bags, these bags need not be grounded.

Have you Chosen the Right Fabric Weight?

Your FIBC supplier will assist you in choosing the right fabric weight which is determined by considering the weight the bag will hold once filled. Your supplier will also help you with the right choice of top fill spout and bottom designing options.

With so many customisation options to decide on, it is important to choose a FIBC Bag supplier you can trust. Buy online from a reliable FIBC Bag supplier like to get the right type, weight and size of FIBC bags as per your requirements.