The Benefits of Woven Polypropylene BagsThe Benefits of Woven Polypropylene Bags

Top Reasons to Buy Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven Polypropylene Bags or PP Bags are widely used in a range of industries due to their great versatility. Due to their strength, durability and ability to withstand environmental stress and wear and tear, these PP woven sacks offer great packaging solutions for the shipping and transportation industries.

These bags, made from 100 % virgin polypropylene, are a kind of a thermoplastic resin material, and come with many benefits and advantages for various businesses. Their non- toxic, anti-bacterial and light tare weight properties make these bags suitable packaging solutions. Some of the salient benefits that these bags offer are as follows:

High Impact and Mechanical Strength

The criss-cross weaving of polypropylene – a method that is adopted to make PP bags – builds in strength and resilience in these bags, making them durable and strong. These bags are often the preferred packaging solutions for snack-food and dairy products.

Woven PP Bags Are Eco-Friendly

The woven polypropylene sacks can be reused. They can also be recycled to other plastic products, making them environment-friendly and a great alternative to plastic bags and a valid weapon against plastic contamination. Conscious business houses who care about the environment will choose these bags over plastic or other materials as their packaging solutions. Because of their recyclable property, woven PP Bags can be used as Reusable Shopping Bags to eliminate the use of harmful plastic bags.


PP Bags are non-toxic and resistant to acids, bases and bacteria and mould etc. This is due to the inertness of the thermoplastic resin material from which they are made. Their non-toxic property provides extensive safety and protection to your products.  And this has encouraged a variety of applications of these bags in the food and agriculture industry.

Woven PP Bags are Light-Weight

Best quality polypropylene has the lowest specific gravity among all fibres. This makes it the lightest of all textile fibres. The woven PP bags, made from this resin, is one of the most light-weight industrial containers in the packaging industry. Their light tare weight results in a low package to weight ratio and enables you to ship more products, saving costs.


Their inherent woven make and design, make woven PP Bags breathable, allowing passage of air. This “breathable” characteristic becomes crucial to certain packaging solutions that require airflow. These bags also come with an extra protective coating/ lining to make them 100% moisture proof.

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