The Practical Benefits of FIBC Baffle Bags Over Standard FIBCs

The Practical Benefits of FIBC Baffle Bags Over Standard FIBCs
The Practical Benefits of FIBC Baffle Bags Over Standard FIBCs

What are Standard FIBC Bags?

Standard bags are 4 walled FIBCs with different types of loops like slings, cross-corner loops, and standard loops.

When fully filled they start bulging due to the elongation properties in the fabric and become pear-shaped as the contents move about within the bag, unlike Baffle FIBCs.


What are Baffle FIBC Bags?

Baffle bags or bulk bags or jumbo bags are from the FIBC category. They are the go-to option if you’re working under conditions that offer low storage space.

FIBC Baffle Bags have Flat PP Fabric (baffles) sewn across each of the 4 corners in the bag. These baffles help them to retain their shape once they are filled to fill capacity. They maintain their shape and prevent any sort of bulging.

Besides utilizing storage space optimally, they help reduce transport cost by about 30% in comparison with Standard bulk bags. Baffle bags are used to transport mainly agricultural produce, such as grain, corn, and soybean.


Here are a few points of distinction between both FIBCs.


Baffle Jumbo Bags get stacked neater: Standard FIBC bags are stackable but that depends on their contents. Depending on what’s stored in them they do have the tendency to bulge. Baffle bags come with baffles or panels on their sides which allow the bags to stay in shape even when full. So, they are stable, firm, and get stacked neatly.

Baffle bags stay in shape: Baffle Owing to the baffles they come with, these bags maintain their cubic shape at maximum capacity. These baffles or internal panels are stitched onto the sides of the FIBC bags.

They save space: As these bags maintain their shape even when filled to their capacity, they are the ideal choice for storage and stacking. They save a lot of space and can be placed on top of each other. They even consume less space while transporting them due to their compact nature.

Used for different materials: A standard FIBC, when fully filled, tends to bulge a lot. This however isn’t much of a disadvantage when it comes to transporting material like gravel or sand. On the other hand, Baffle FIBCs stand firm when they’re filled and hence offer better storage for fine, flowable materials.

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