Top 3 Reasons to Buy FIBC Baffle Bags Online


Of all FIBCs, the baffle bags or form-stable big bags offer maximum form to your bulk packaging needs. With extra fabric pieces or baffles sewn across the corners of standard bulk bags, these get the ability to retain their shape even when loaded optimally. 

FIBCs, widely used for storage and transportation of bulk materials, tend to bulge out along the center, reducing their stackability considerably, thus compromising on available storage space. The addition of baffles allows materials to flow uniformly to all corners of the bag, helping the structure keep its form. Here are the top three reasons you should opt for FIBC baffle bags while choosing your product’s most appropriate packaging solution.

Reinforced Structural Design – The additional pieces of fabric across the corners of standard FIBCs reinforce the structural design, making baffle jumbo bags the preferred packaging option for agro-products, minerals, chemicals, etc. Ideal for dry, flowing materials, these bags will take the shape of a cube even when filled to the brim. This property alone can reduce the storage and transportation costs of loaded bags by at least 30%. 

Easy Stackability – When you buy FIBC form-stable bags, you ensure the optimum utilization of your storage space. These bags can be stacked neat and upright, allowing you the best possible storage space-utilization scenario.

Ease of handling – Bulging centers of standard FIBCs are not easy to handle. Buy baffle bags and get assured ease of handling the loaded bags because baffles do not allow these FIBCs to bulge along the middle. Further, since the bags retain their shape even when filled, the chances of the products spilling over leading to wastage are negligible. 

In addition to the regular benefits of using baffle bags, you could derive more advantages when you buy FIBC form-stable bags online. These advantages include a more comprehensive selection of products to choose from, the ability to compare baffles bags’ prices and other features at your convenience, and finally, the ease of ordering with the click of a button. Avail all these benefits of buying baffle bags online and more with today, besides ensuring a cost-effective packaging solution for your product.