What are the advantages of Silage Bags over Traditional Bags?

What are the advantages of Silage Bags over Traditional Bags

Silage bags are a boon to the farmers & dairy industry for packaging & storing Green Fodder. Silage Bags provides a remarkable advantage to the farmers for preserving forage & grain storage, and retaining the rich nutrients for up to 12 months from storage, even in the dry seasons and months when it’s challenging to get adequate soil & climate for preserving the storage.

At Jumbo Bag Shop, our FIBC Silage Jumbo Bags have a Safe Working Load of 500 kg to 1,500 kg and a Safety Factor of 5:1, making them the most durable and reliable FIBC Silage bags in the Indian Market.

Advantages of FIBC Silage Bags over Traditional Bags

FIBC Silage Bags are preferred by the farmers & dairy industries across India; however, some farmers & dairy industries are still relying on Traditional Bags and using them as they aren’t aware of the long-term advantages of FIBC Silage Bags. Let us walk you through the Advantages of FIBC Silage Bags over traditional bags.

  • No Additional Investment

Silage Bags are one of the most feasible & beneficial bags in the market for storing green fodder & grains without any investment in the infrastructure for the farmers & dairy industries. Loading & Unloading forage inside the Silage bag doesn’t require higher expertise or a specialized workforce. A farmer can quickly load & unload forage from the Silage Bag.

  • Two Colour Layers

Silage Bags have a single white layer on the outside that reflects solar radiation, and the inner layer has a liner that prevents radiation entrance. The outside white layer & inside liner prevent unwanted fermentations and assist in ideal lactic fermentation, creating a perfect temperature for storing green fodder & grains and preserving their quality.

  • Advanced Technology

FIBC Silage Bag comes with superior technology that allows the storage of green fodder & grains even in the absence of oxygen. Silage Bags are water-resistant & moisture-resistant. Silage Bags technology triggers lactic fermentations, reduces pH levels, and maintains stability in odour & appearance, keeping the nutrients rich for up to 12 months from storage.

  • Hermetic Seal

FIBC Silage Bags comes with a Hermetic Seal that blocks the entrance of moisture & water, preventing the forage from the proliferation of aerobic bacteria, fungus, & insects. These excellent mechanical properties make Silage Bags a perfect resistance option from the formation of bacteria & block the entrance of insects, keeping the forage & grains safe & secured.

  • Environment-Friendly

FIBC Silage Bags are environment-friendly, and you can recycle & reuse them. At Jumbo Bag Shop, all our FIBC Silage Jumbo Bags are made of virgin polypropylene material. Our Bags are non-toxic, highly durable, and 100% recyclable. Our Silage Bags are the perfect replacement for traditional plastic bags & have no harmful effects on the environment.

  • Recycle & Reuse

Silage Bags offers a fantastic feature where you can use the bags and conveniently reuse & recycle them. At Jumbo Bag Shop, we have designed a program to recycle our Silage Jumbo Bags. In this program, post-usage of Silage Bags, customers can send back our supplied bags to us. We will recycle these bags and not contaminate the environment. In return, our customers will be issued a credit note as per the prevailing buyback rate, which they can encash in future purchases from our website.


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