Why Are FIBC Silage Bags Popular?

Why Are FIBC Silage Bags Popular
Why Are FIBC Silage Bags Popular

The last 50 years have witnessed rapid growth in the fields of agriculture, construction, and engineering. This growth has been directly related to an increase in the demand for efficient and affordable storage solutions. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) — also called Jumbo Bags — have emerged as a popular choice for various storage applications across industries. Among various types of FIBC Bags, Silage Bags are a popular option for many users these days.

What are FIBC Silage Bags?

FIBC Silage Bags were initially used to store and transport “Green Fodder,” commonly known as Silage, hence the name. They also go by the name “Green Fodder Bags”. However, these days, the applications of Silage Bags aren’t limited to only cattle fodder, feed, and forage. They are also used for packaging and carrying agricultural grains, such as wheat, rice, corn, soy, barley, legumes, and seeds.

FIBC Silage Bags are heavy-duty storage bags made of polypropylene woven fabrics. They are expertly made to withstand external pressure and extreme weather conditions. They also retain their shape and have negligible bulging even when they are filled to their optimum capacity.

Additionally, silage jumbo bags are comparatively cheaper than their substitutes. These features have made jumbo bags a viable and popular choice among many manufacturers and inventory departments because these storage bags aid in easy storage and transport of a variety of goods.

What are the Application and Benefits of FIBS Silage Bags?

Due to the user-friendly and resourceful features of jumbo bags, consumers often tend to buy silage bags in large bulks. Here are a few ways in which these bags can be used to derive maximum benefit.

Shape retention

Silage bags are specifically designed to retain its shape even when it is completely filled. This allows the bags to maintain their cuboid shape which makes it easier to store these bags in warehouses and storage tanks. It also makes it convenient to load and unload these bags when in transit. This makes it easier to store and transport goods of various shapes and sizes without much of a hassle.

Large Storage Capacity

These bags are called jumbo bags for a reason. They are not just big in size but are also capable of containing large quantities of commodities. In fact, Green Fodder bags from Jumbobagshop.in are capable storing and transporting material weighing up to 1,500kg. The large storage capacities of silage bags reduce the transportation costs of goods and further add to its popularity.

Versatile and Durable

Silage bags are capable of holding a variety of different substances ranging from solid construction material to liquid chemicals. They are also a great option for storing powdery substances without the extra trouble of an additional lining to prevent seepage. These bags don’t just proficiently store the material but also protect it from external damage caused by heat, pressure, and moisture. Agriculture and animal husbandry has a need to store large amounts of produce and fodder respectively. Silage bags are a boon to these sectors by safely preserving the large quantities of organic matter for long durations.


Silo bags are meritorious in usage while silage bags prices are also far less than other alternatives. Furthermore, they are not just inexpensive to procure but also involve low-cost production. The streamlined method of production allows silage bag manufacturers to produce large units of these bags within a short period of time. This makes it an economical favorite among consumers as well as producers. With an option to order silage bags online, it is convenient for manufacturers to estimate the market demands through direct interaction with their buyers.

Buy Silage Bags Online

The ever-growing popularity of these large storage bags has made the sellers take broad steps to make it available to buyers at their utmost convenience. You can now buy silage bags online from Jumbobagshop.in at affordable rates. These bags can be customized to suit your needs and requirements and have the ability to store goods weighing 500-1,500kg. Moreover, these bags are apt for storing organic matter which can be kept fresh for up to 12 months in their Green Fodder bags. These bags are flat bottomed and have an extra lining to provide additional protection of your valuables.

With this added information, you will now be able to make a judicious choice in purchasing the most appropriate silage bags to meet your needs. For more details or to get quotes for your application, get in touch with us today!

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