Why Do You Need Garden Waste FIBCs?

Why Do You Need Garden Waste FIBCs?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers or FIBCs are easily the most sought after solution to handle all sorts of materials, including everything related to gardening. Garden bags are a special type of FIBC bag that makes handling biodegradable organic waste a breeze. These bags are ideal for collecting soil, leaves, twigs, branches, and other garden debris, as well as for shopping and storage purposes. 

Landscaping services, plant nurseries, and other gardening businesses can benefit from buying garden bags online. If you’re in this industry or need to maintain a garden, let’s see why FIBC garden bags are a must-buy for you.

Breathable fabric

Garden bags are made of breathable polypropylene fabric. However, to make garden bags particularly suitable to handle bio-waste such as leaves and branches from the garden, these have a perforated weave that allows for the maximum passage of air. Often garden debris is laden with moisture, which, if not drained out or allowed to dry, can emit a foul odour, making storage a problem. FIBC garden bags have unique weave design which allows water to drain out so that the organic contents of the bag can dry off super-quick. So when you buy garden bags, you also get the assurance that your garden waste will not pollute the air with a bad smell.  

Open tops for easy access

FIBC garden bags have wide-open tops, making them easily accessible whenever you need to load these with the material. You also have the option of closing the lid of your garden bags with Velcro fastened top flap. Thus, you can quickly fill the bag and secure the contents with a flap. 

Sturdy and stable

It is common to leave garden waste bags out in the open. If a bag filled with garden debris blows in the wind, it will leave a trail of undesirable mess all over. Garden bags have a weighted base, which gives them adequate stability to stand upright, preventing such a situation. 

Branding opportunity

If you are in a business that uses garden bags extensively, you can get your bags custom printed with your service details on the fabric. This will help easily identify your bags, besides utilizing prominent branding space. 

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