3 Reasons to Use FIBC Bulk Bags for Storing and Transporting Fertilizer

3 Reasons to Use FIBC Bulk Bags for Storing and Transporting Fertilizer

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC, also referred to as Bulk Bags, have revolutionized packaging across industries. The agricultural sector is not an exception. Today, the storage and transport of agricultural products, including crops, grains, seeds, and fertilizers is unimaginable without FIBC bulk bags. In this blog, we are about to shed light on the use of FIBC bags for storage and transportation of fertilizers, in particular.

Here are the top three reasons why FIBC Bulk Bags make great packaging solutions for fertilizers.

  • FIBC Bags Are Sturdy and Safe

Fertilizers are essential for high crop yield. Farmers need to store fertilizers for extended periods of time. The right fertilizer, stored correctly, is a must for any successful agriculture application. And for this reason, high quality packaging is required to keep fertilizers safe during storage and shipment.

FIBC Bulk bags have been proven safe for fertilizers and provide considerable protection from transport damage and contamination throughout their distribution cycle.

Usually, fertilizer bags are single loop, having an inner liner sewn into the loop. The liners are specially designed to keep the fertilizer protected within its inner seals, thereby ensuring that contaminants or moisture do not come in contact with the fertilizer. With FIBC bulk bags, you will have consistent and quick filling times for fertilizer products.

  • They Come in Multiple Shapes and Sizes

Farmers and agro businesses need to store various quantities of fertilizers. Depending upon the type and amount of fertilizers to be stored, you can choose from a range of different sizes and dimensions of FIBC bags.

Each type of FIBC bag, whether it’s with baffles, corner loops, tubular shape or conductive fabric, offers specific care and benefit for the products they store. Plus, FIBC fertilizer bags are folded such that the handler can take the bag directly from the pallet onto the discharge tube without having to open it or check if it’s the right way round. Minor details like these can make a big difference to users.

  • Ease of Availability

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