Critical Points to Be Aware of When Handling Your Bulk BagsCritical Points to Be Aware of When Handling Your Bulk Bags

FIBC Bags are renowned for storing & handling products & materials of multiple industries worldwide. Some products & materials are hazardous in nature and heavyweight that needs to be handled meticulously during the filling & emptying process.

Hence, there are safety guidelines in place for the safe handling of FIBC Bulk Bags. In this blog, we will walk you through critical guidelines to be aware of while handling FIBC Bags.

Critical Points to keep in mind while handling FIBC Bulk Bags

1. Using all loops while suspending

The first & foremost point to keep in mind is to use all the lift loops and never gather them together while suspending via forklift. Loop Lifting helps create perfect balance and even distribution of loads to prevent unforeseen circumstances and dislodgements.

Using each loop helps ensure that no loop carries extra weight and distorts the entire bag balance. Note: Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and lift via all loops.

2. Filling & Discharging in a clean & covered area

It is vital to ensure that the filling & discharging of FIBC Bags take place in a clean & covered area. It helps to ensure that the environment is safe for workers and bag handling as it is free from sharp objects and natural contaminants.

Filling & Emptying FIBC Bags in covered areas helps keep the bags away from direct sunlight exposure. This helps enhance the bag’s durability and prevent the inventory from getting damaged. UV Rays can hamper FIBC Bags’ lifespan and lead to wear & tear.

3. Always keep the lift loops Vertical

Lifting the loops vertically, not horizontally (side-by-side), is recommended, as the sideways position makes the FIBC Bags unstable and can jeopardize people’s lives.

Raising Jumbo FIBC Bag vertically ensures that bags are upright in the optimal position for filling, moving, and discharging. It also reduces additional labor needs and mitigates potential hazardous risks.

4. Never overload the bag

Always ensure the bag is not overloaded above the Safe Working Load (SWL) recommended by the manufacturer. FIBC Jumbo Bags offer an SWL of 500 kg to 2000 kg, and it is instructed not to overload above the SWL of the FIBC Jumbo Bag.

Exceeding SWL capacity can tear the bag and damage the inventory through spillage and leakage. The bag falling from the forklift (at a maximum height) can jeopardize people’s life handling the FIBC Jumbo Bag.

Hence, it is recommended to stay within the SWL of the Jumbo FIBC Bag and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


After reading the blog, you will have clarity regarding the critical points to be aware of while handling FIBC Jumbo Bags and the safety guidelines you must ensure while filling, handing, and discharging Jumbo FIBC Bags. However, if you have any questions regarding handling the bag, feel free to contact us.

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